VORON V2.4 KIT Document

About the kit

Although we have added almost all the things you need, but you still need these:

  • Hex Key, Recommended to buy a better one.
  • Small slotted screwdriver, for terminals of electronic products.
  • Diagonal Plier, cut/strip wires.
  • Crimping Tool, using for XH2.54/Molex , IWISS 2820M is a good start.
  • Crimping Tool, using for fork/spade terminal, such as IWISS LY-30J
  • Linear Rails Grease, such as Mobiluxe EP1.
  • Soldering, for brass inserts and endstop welding.
  • Power Cord.
  • For the plug-panel, you need to print the filtered one.
  • The chains are 3 holes.
  • [Optional]For XY endstop, there’s a PCB in the kit. follow this : Microswitch_Endstop
  • [Optional]For Z endstop, there’s a PCB in the kit. follow this : Microswitch Z Endstop PCB
  • For Octopus mount, you can find it here: octopussy on discord
  • We are using 9mm wide belt on Z axis, make sure you print the right one.


There’s should be a small bag of these things if you order our frame kit, looks like this. (added since June, 2021)

it’s not on the offical bom but helpful to make your frame square.


TL-Q5MC2/TL-Q5MC2-Z with Octopus V1.1

Don’t wire the probe’s signal to PB7, PB7 have a EL357C, signal can’t pass it.

You can still use the probe connector‘s 24V and GND on the board, then wire the signal(the black one) to one of the endstop PIN(PG6/PG9/PG10/PG11 or any input pin for endstop).

BAT85 is not necessary for a legit TL-Q5MC2/TL-Q5MC2-Z probe.

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We have something to say

We make this online store for our habit and promoting 3D printing culture. Most of the jobs are done by 1-2 people. We both have our families and out fulltime jobs for keeping our lives, so it’s hard to process all the order in a day.

Therefore, be attention that our processing time will be 1-10 days. We cannot ensure that we can provide a fastest delivery for your order, but we could ensure that you will get the best support and quality. 

If you want to check any of your order, just feel free to ask about it. But we hope you can be polite and we both are human and equal in this world, so please be respect for everyone.

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Updated of Shipping Fee Calculating System

1. Small modification on the Shipping Fee on USA/EUR

There is a small modification when calculating the shipping fee on US/EUR order. It would be cheaper than the original. Pls enjoy shopping on naxus.

2. Updated Shipping Calculating System for supporting all countries in the world

The calculating system did not support for the South Africa and Middle-East countries before. Start from now, it should be calculating all the orders for shipping to world-wide. There is no more “additional shipping fee” again.

(If you found these situation when you are placing your order, pls PM me)

  • 1. Displaying 2 “DHL Express” as the shipping method
  • 2. There is not shipping method for your country
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