Updated of Shipping Fee Calculating System for Best Accuracy

1. All the calculation of your region should be in the best price as well

I have re-make the formula of the calculation of the shipping system. From now, all the shipping will be in the best price of your region. Just enjoy the best shipping fee and the fast and secure shipping method~

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Updated of Shipping Fee Calculating System

1. Small modification on the Shipping Fee on USA/EUR

There is a small modification when calculating the shipping fee on US/EUR order. It would be cheaper than the original. Pls enjoy shopping on naxus.

2. Updated Shipping Calculating System for supporting all countries in the world

The calculating system did not support for the South Africa and Middle-East countries before. Start from now, it should be calculating all the orders for shipping to world-wide. There is no more “additional shipping fee” again.

(If you found these situation when you are placing your order, pls PM me)

  • 1. Displaying 2 “DHL Express” as the shipping method
  • 2. There is not shipping method for your country
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