About Us


Mission: naxus aims to provide best and reliable 3D printer accessories to enthusiasts of 3D printing culture in order to create better printing experience.

Vision : We aims to promote 3D printing culture and make it become a worldwide trend, especially in our base, Hong Kong.

Print your imagination.

We have something to say:
We make this online store for our habit and promoting 3D printing culture. Most of the jobs are done by 1-2 people. We both have our families and out fulltime jobs for keeping our lives, so it’s hard to process all the order in a day.

Therefore, be attention that our processing time will be 1-10 days. We cannot ensure that we can provide a fastest delivery for your order, but we could ensure that you will get the best support and quality. 

If you want to check any of your order, just feel free to ask about it. But I hope you can be polite and we both are human in this world, please be respect for everyone.

Official Reseller

We are the Official Reseller of Phaetus and we are keeping a close realationship with Phaetus. If you want to know more about Phaetus, please contact and stick to us.


Contact Us

Whatsapp and Discord will be better for the fastest response.